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Hanouff ElKholy

Senior Consultant
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Edwin Apr 15, 2021 724 views

How do you balance your career and your normal life?

Growing up and starting your career path seems really time-consuming. I'm wondering how you are able to manage your time so that you still have time to do the things that you love such as sports and gaming.


Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 22, 2021 767 views

Should you take a part time job while attending College?

I'm planning to take a part-time job in the summer but I'm wondering if I should continue to work during the first semester of collge. #first-job #employment

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Apr 23, 2021 1548 views

What are some jobs in Business that does not involve math

#business-management # hatemath #love business #furtue #career #career-choice

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Scream Apr 23, 2021 643 views

Should i resign from my fulltime at local company (where i just work for 6 months) to pursue an internship at multinational company (which im not sure that i'll be offered a fulltime job)

Im a fresh gradute with less than 1 year experience (6 months). I've been searching for a job in multinational company but to get a fulltime job is really hard especially during pandemic. So maybe an internship could help me to get one, Should i resign and take the chance of internship ? Im...

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Hanah Marie Apr 23, 2021 489 views

Does a 15 years old student could find a job?

Haha #student

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AREF Apr 25, 2021 751 views

Do you think that age determines the change of job?

#jobs #first-job #job-market #summer-jobs #job #job #job #job #job #job #job

Linh’s Avatar
Linh Apr 26, 2021 1093 views

What majors in college can you take if you want to have a career that revolves in finance?

I know that I want to do something with money and finance, but I don't know what steps to take in college. #career #college #finance