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jase’s Avatar
jase Mar 29, 2018 585 views

what skills do i need to get a job in heavy equipment?

because i would like what skills i need. #construction #career #career-choice

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Apr 27 217 views

I am a student at Job Corps in El Paso, I am 16 , and I wanted to ask if going for a Doctoral Degree to become a Marine Architect was a better option than getting my Bachelors Degree and become a Wind Energy Engineer?.

I have had this thought for a while and if someone could guide me, or help me it would be really appreciated.

James’s Avatar
James Sep 18, 2020 487 views

How to draw.

My name is James and I love to draw but every-time I present everyone asks what’s that. How do I improve my drawing skills? #artist #design #art

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Apr 26 206 views

What do art directors start with in a project?

Do they start with the drawing, colors, or images?

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra May 18, 2016 777 views

What advice would you give on how to best manage your time?

I want to be the most prepared that I can be for college! #college #higher-education #time-management

k’s Avatar
k May 20, 2016 841 views

How can I study more effectively?

i can't able to concentrate on education #general #college #time-management #higher-education

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 08 275 views

How do I establish self-discipline?

I tend to procrastinate a lot and be very lazy. I want to peruse medical school but have currently hit a wall. What do I do?

Jamarquai’s Avatar
Jamarquai Apr 27 150 views

What are the stress levels?

What are the stress levels that you deal with in your career and how do you handle it?

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Feb 06 321 views

Where could I find scholarships for 2022 in abroad?

I am from the Philippines and I wanna pursue MIS or IS degree this upcoming year preferably English as their medium. #scholarship #study-abroad #college #help

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 03, 2021 141 views

How do I become a great songwriter?

#showbiz My favorite movie is a Bug's Life. I;like the music in it.

Nazareth’s Avatar
Nazareth Aug 23, 2019 465 views

How much education is needed to become an dietitian?

Whenever I have a appointment with my dietitian she informs me nutrition facts about different foods that i find so interesting for example meat,cheese, and egg don't have any carbs. #teaching #education #career

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jan 06, 2018 713 views

How should I prepare for a phone interview?

More specifically, are there any major differences between interviewing over the phone and interviewing face-to-face with an employer?
#interviews #phone-etiquette

Mahmoud’s Avatar
Mahmoud Feb 16 267 views

I've always been interested in becoming an architect, but a lot of people on the internet has been saying that getting a degree in this field is the hardest degree a person could possibly get and that it wasn't as rewarding. Whether its salary, time, or the degree itself.

#career-counseling #architect #architecture #job #career

Carrie’s Avatar
Carrie Aug 02, 2021 261 views

Any tips for an upcoming braider?

#hair #braids #cosmetology #cosmetologist #hair-industry #beauty-school

Avonleigh’s Avatar
Avonleigh Sep 12, 2019 351 views

The manager at the local cat cafe wants me to work there when i am 16! I want to help them get more attention.. Any suggestions?

I am in*th grade and i love taking care of animals! #animals #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #veterinary #medicine #cat #catopiacatcafe #kitties #career #job #animal-health