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Goleta, California

Within 40 mile radius
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Jones Mar 22 213 views

What are the requirements to be successful with you job of choice in the future ?

I want to be very successful with good work

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olivia Mar 21 399 views

how to be a good accountant?

the things i need to know and do

Avila’s Avatar
Avila Mar 07 834 views

What's your opinion on The Los Angeles Film School?

I'm trying to decide where to study film to be a screenwriter and/or director. Is LA Film a good choice? Any better ones?

Avila’s Avatar
Avila Mar 07 574 views

Do you think I could be a dance physical therapist if I minor in dance and major in Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems?

I've been a dancer all my life and I want to help dancers take care of their bodies and dance for longevity. Physical therapy was what I was thinking for that. :)

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Feb 24 693 views

How do I become an interior decorator?

How do I become an interior decorator? I’ve heard many ways of getting into this career. I have an art degree with an emphasis in design. I am working on building up my portfolio. I have a decent amount of projects to put into it. I am wondering if this is enough to apply for either internships...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Nov 14, 2023 218 views

How to become a elementary school teacher?

I wanna be a elementary school teacher, how can i achieve this? And what are other paths as well? I do want to work with children so is there any other careers that are suggested?

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Oct 24, 2023 960 views

What career(s) should I look into?

Hello, I'm Kylie. I'm currently a sophmore, and feel like I should start looking into careers. Though, I don't really know where to start. I do know what I do want in a job, just not very sure what jobs meet my needs. I would love some guidance on where to start! I know I am asking for a lot...

Adilene’s Avatar
Adilene Jun 13, 2023 531 views

What can I do during the summer to prepare for college applications?

I am a rising senior and don't know what to do during the summer to prepare for college applications.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Dec 01, 2021 1072 views

Should I quit my middle schools band

Being in band is really stressful and is a lot of pressure and it feels like a requirement at this point and I do not really enjoy it and honestly it doesn’t help my confidence at all #help

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Pedro May 15, 2019 497 views

Architects must create solutions to solve the problems presented by the client, respectively to what extent do architects take climate change in consideration throughout the process?


Pedro’s Avatar
Pedro May 15, 2019 875 views

What are some characteristics (that most people don't know) that you must have in order to become a successful architect?


Medea’s Avatar
Medea Jan 23, 2018 643 views

How do I get a job as a psychologist in law enforcement?

Ever since I saw Dr. Sweets in Bones and the show Lie to Me I thought it would be a really cool job to be able to get to help out with criminal profiling and interrogations. Do I just need to get a psychology degree to get the job or do I need to double major in something else as well?...

Josabeth’s Avatar
Josabeth Dec 18, 2017 705 views

Where can one find any job/internship opportunities in the Santa Barbara area?

Latino Business Association actively tries to be consistent on finding job and/or possible internship opportunities for our students from all different majors and years. #business #uc-santa-barbara #job-search

An’s Avatar
An Aug 31, 2017 783 views

What major is most versatile?

I'm still a bit uncertain on what I want to major in, at this point I don't know if I ever will. What major can be accommodating in different fields?

#major #undecided #college #college-major #career-choice

Ivy’s Avatar
Ivy Oct 19, 2016 1958 views

What is your favorite thing about being a woman in the STEM field?

I attend an all girls school that is very STEM based and I was wondering what the advantages of not only this type of education, but of the career in STEM as a woman are. There is particularly controversy in math and science about the amount of women who occupy these jobs. I would like to know...

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