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What major is most versatile?

I'm still a bit uncertain on what I want to major in, at this point I don't know if I ever will. What major can be accommodating in different fields?

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3 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Hi An,

this is a great question and something I have shared with my children as they went off to college. I would first suggest not to rush into a major. Use the your first year of college to take as may different classes that interest you so you can have a good sense of the subjects you like. Secondly think of what you want to do after college. Do you want to go into business? Do you want to go into the medical field? Your career goals are important to think about. Lastly know that whatever decision you take it will not be wrong. What I mean by that is have fun learning and expanding your experiences. So what is the most versatile major? I think its the subject that you will excel in and get the most out personal joy out of.

If you are interested in continuing the conversation please let me know.

Thanks - Richard

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Micayla’s Answer

Hi there! The process of choosing a major can be daunting - there is a lot to consider. You pose a great question though! In my opinion, business is an awesome major in terms of versatility. When looking at your interests, you can almost always find a related business. Additionally, there are many capacities in which you can work within the business realm; if you find yourself drawn to creative thought, marketing could be a great fit for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy more analytical thinking, accounting or finance are both fitting options. That's not to say that all business majors are either one or the other - it's often a mix of both creative and analytical thinking but it just goes to show how broad business can be.

Down below, I've posted a link to a website that breaks down the various business majors with examples of related jobs for each.

Good luck!


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Kim’s Answer

You have been given some excellent advice already. One additional thought to consider is to take as much finance as possible. Even if you choose another area of business, having a good understanding of business finance will put you in a better position to move into higher levels of responsibility. Best of luck!