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Micayla Strickland, CPA

Risk Assurance Senior Associate at PwC
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Seattle, Washington
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Angel’s Avatar
Angel Apr 14, 2021 794 views

What made you choose your current career

I'm a senior in high school planning to go to college #future I was just wondering what made you choose your career? #careers #career-options #career-choice

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy Apr 14, 2021 597 views

What are some challenges that you encounter no matter what job you are in.

#college-jobs #jobs

Florence’s Avatar
Florence Apr 08, 2021 675 views

I fear talking to the public and how can I overcome that

I am somehow shy
I talk much when I get to know one better
Fear to bring up an idea in public

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Mar 23, 2021 1021 views

What business degree would one recommend and what are some jobs relating to business


Douglas’s Avatar
Douglas Apr 05, 2021 419 views

What are your job skills?

Focusing on job tasks can be something interesting, but they need to be done and perfect instead of making mistakes or a mess. #jobs

Anjola’s Avatar
Anjola Apr 06, 2021 834 views

Why is it so important to you to enjoy your work?

I want to be an anesthesiologist but I am a 10th grader. #anesthesiologist

Drake’s Avatar
Drake Apr 06, 2021 786 views

Why did you choose to be on Career Village?

I am excited to learn more about what there is to offer! #career-development

Waqas’s Avatar
Waqas Mar 28, 2021 450 views

Basically i am an accountant try to apply jobs & please let me knowwhat is the toughest part of the jobs for me ?

Basically, I am an accountant trying to apply for jobs & please let me know what is the toughest part of the jobs for me? #forensics

Taliah’s Avatar
Taliah Mar 30, 2021 669 views

What's the best way to find a job after college?

I know for the first few years of my career I would want to work at an Accounting firm or in a stable position as a accountant for a company. #career #career-counseling #working #jobs #job

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Mar 30, 2021 606 views

What's a positive you've gotten out of the pandemic?

I am in college at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. I play college basketball so that's a great outlet, but as a social person this pandemic has been extremely hard for me. #isolated

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Dec 02, 2016 1155 views

How do you recommend to build your resume?

I am a sophomore accounting major and want to build my resume and LinkedIn profile. Do you have any tips or things to include in a resume? Additionally, do you have any ways to go about getting some of these positions? #business #accounting #internships #resume-writing #evaluating-resumes...

Meliah’s Avatar
Meliah Sep 27, 2017 1144 views

What is the daily life of an accountant?

I am asking this question because I am interested in being one and I just want to know what do you do in accounting. #accounting

Anna ’s Avatar
Anna Sep 01, 2017 788 views

Can I do a bachelors degree faster than four years ?

I want to finish as soon as possible.
#motivated #finish #graduate

An’s Avatar
An Aug 31, 2017 725 views

What major is most versatile?

I'm still a bit uncertain on what I want to major in, at this point I don't know if I ever will. What major can be accommodating in different fields?

#major #undecided #college #college-major #career-choice

Skyler’s Avatar
Skyler Sep 01, 2017 811 views

What's the FERPA?

Hi all! So I am using the common app and I'm just confused as to what the FERPA is and if I should surrender my right or not. Thanks in advance!

#common-app #college #college-advice #ferpa #college-applications