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Career Questions tagged Work Life

Adam P.’s Avatar
Adam P. May 02 111 views

if I were to go into a career of coding what kind of work life would I see

would I generally go into an office or would a lot of it be in my own home and other things along those lines

Benjamin V.’s Avatar
Benjamin V. Jul 29, 2020 302 views

I'm interested in becoming a surgeon, but I'm feeling a little intimidated by the intense hours required of surgical fellows. Is it possible to balance work life with a family life in this setting?

I am approaching my senior year of high school. I am planning to #major in #biology and continue on to get my MD. I am considering the possibility of becoming a #surgeon, but I want to have a better understanding of the #work-life balance of #surgical #fellows. #doctor #surgery #pediatrics...

Camille N.’s Avatar
Camille N. Jan 17, 2018 690 views

How hard is it to have a family and work while working on your BSN? #continuinged

Trying to decide to keep going or not?? #family #work-life #work-life-balance #nursing #healthcare

Tiffanie L.’s Avatar
Tiffanie L. Jun 24, 2016 804 views

How do I know If I'm on the right career path?

I have an interest in a few things; fashion, advertising, and other miscellaneous subjects. I have figured out what I want to do in the future (fashion merchandiser) but the problem is that I always have this little doubt in the back of my mind. This doubt pesters me and produces insecure...

Nathan M.’s Avatar
Nathan M. May 24, 2016 611 views

What can I expect in terms of difficulty and experiences in architectural engineering?

I'm starting college next year and plan on going to Architectural Engineering and I would like to know what I'm getting into in terms of difficulty and how I should prepare myself. #engineering #architect #studying-tips #life-experience #work-life

Kellie Y.’s Avatar
Kellie Y. May 11, 2016 935 views

Which careers would you consider for graduates who are still undecided even with a degree they received?

There are many graduates that graduate with much knowledge of what they have majored in. But we all know you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. #career #professor #mentors #teachers #work-life

lingeshwar G.’s Avatar
lingeshwar G. Apr 15, 2016 629 views

How rapidly do a person move to the next level in this career?

How to improve to career to one level to another level #job #career-change #work-life