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Which careers would you consider for graduates who are still undecided even with a degree they received?

There are many graduates that graduate with much knowledge of what they have majored in. But we all know you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. #career #professor #mentors #teachers #work-life

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3 answers

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Otto’s Answer

You dream career does not exist, you must create it!
I would suggest trying with the following approach. It works! Believe me!
-Dream big - Where's your heart? If you have trouble finding this answer, try imagining where would you like to be in 5 or 10 years from now? Close your eyes and try to picture it. Don't think much. Let your dreams carry you. Steve Jobs, Disney among others, never thought about their final creation. They just decided to follow their dreams, and never stopped trying.
-Once you get a direction, start trying it. You will never know if you don't give it a try. Focus on making it happen and start shaping from there.
-If you feel that you're not getting it right, make the necessary adjustments and keep moving.
-Eventually you will learn that you need to do something else, and that's ok. You would not come to this conclusion without the previous try.

Regardless of your choice, ensure you enjoy the ride!!

Thank you so so much Otto! Kellie Y.

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Kellie,

This is a good question. Personally I was unsure what I wanted to do when I graduated college with a degree in Finance. I only pursued that degree as it made me marketable to future employers. A job that is transferable with a lot of majors and that many people join is Recruitment and/or Sales. With Recruitment you learn many important things about jobs, develop interpersonal skills, learn the interviewing process, and have an opportunity to manage a book of business. For most firms, there is a sales component as well and will help determine your interest there. Through my job at Robert Half International, which is a great entry-level organization, I found my passion for relationship-based recruitment and selling and ultimately ended up where I am today. Even if it is not for you, it can be a springboard to several other careers.

I hope this helps!


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Jennifer’s Answer

Majors can be broad in scope, and many professionals have dabbled in different areas and careers since graduation- through passion, trial and error, opportunities that arise, and taking chances. Some people knew exactly what they wanted to do after graduation, and through experience learned that it wasn't the right fit. Or they were undecided and had to be open to exploring opportunities as they arose and found their niche over the years.

I found my college's career center, alumnae association and alumnae clubs to be incredibly helpful in providing valuable input on what to expect from different careers and different organizations, and sometimes in different countries.

Some questions to think about as you begin your job hunt: What were the courses that you most enjoyed when in college? Did you have an opportunity to intern? If so, what did you like about the experience, and what did you not like? What do you LOVE doing? The best advice I ever received was to figure out what you love doing, that which drives you every day, and find a career path that allows you to get paid for it. :)

You may not find it on your first attempt, but through different experiences, you'll find your way and start to hone in on what you do and do not want our of your career.

Thanks Jennifer! Kellie Y.