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How hard is it to have a family and work while working on your BSN? #continuinged

Updated Mora, Minnesota

Trying to decide to keep going or not?? #family #work-life #work-life-balance #nursing #healthcare

3 answers

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Indiana, Indiana

Hi Camille, It can be very challenging. It depends on you as an individual. I would also say that you have to consider the age of the children if any as a toddler will make it a challenge to study especially if they are in the clingy Velcro to Mom stage. Hopefully you have a really good support system to help with the demands of trying to keep a home, and quality family time. It can be done, sometime you have to take longer to complete the classes, but in the end you will find it to be very rewarding. The most important thing is to remember to take time for yourself. If you don't reward yourself and allow some time for you, you will find it too difficult and often times the person will drop out of school. By going to school and the challenges of a family you will ultimately learn time management skills. That is a quality that will be invaluable in the workforce. It also depends on the number of credit hours you take per semester. 12 hours vs 22 hours. It also depends on the class and how intense it is, for example chemistry, anatomy, pharmacology classes are usually very intensive and require a lot of homework and studying. A lot of nursing students will work as a nursing tech in the hospital or nursing homes to not only get additional bedside experience, but to also supplement their income. A lot of the schools are associated with a particular hospital, and that hospital will usually have limited hour positions for the nursing students. Often times that will Segway into a position upon graduation. Nursing is the best profession there is in my opinion, 33 years and counting.

Good luck Lisa

Lisa recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into student tech positions at the hospital associated with your school, take smaller credit hours to balance work, school, family time.

Karen’s Answer

Updated Schertz, Texas

It is very hard to work when you are working and trying to go back to school. Then if you have children that depend on you for the survival, It is even more difficult.

Karen recommends the following next steps:

  • I suggest suggest that a student stay at home until you are finished or schooling if you can. It will lessen the burden of everyday pressures, and you can concentrate on studying.

Carly’s Answer

Updated Albany, New York

Hi Camille,

It is challenging to work, juggle a family and work on your BSN. It is more possible than ever though with the flexibility of online schooling. Your dreams can be reality.

Carly recommends the following next steps:

  • Look at BSN programs that fit your lifestyle