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How do I get a job as a psychologist in law enforcement?

Ever since I saw Dr. Sweets in Bones and the show Lie to Me I thought it would be a really cool job to be able to get to help out with criminal profiling and interrogations. Do I just need to get a psychology degree to get the job or do I need to double major in something else as well? #psychology #administration-of-justice #law-enforcement

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Enna’s Answer

Learn philosophy and psychology, learn about people by being around them, the more you understand human behaviors the better you'll be at predicting them. get your BS in psychology, a minor in criminology helps. volunteer or work as a police officer. Schools are competitive so you’ll have to get Mostly A’s and B’s. Apply to universities that have police psychologists as professors and a program you like. In grad school, get involved through research or networking. Read in advance, go to conferences and think about what you want to write your dissertation on-tailor all of your assignments on that subject so it will be easier later: Apply to an internship that offers the specialties you like. Graduate, postdoc, study for the EPPP and get licensed.