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how many criminal psychologist jobs are our there?

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Linda Ann’s Answer

The number of jobs will fluctuate with the economy and a number of other factors, e.g., prisons being built and prisons being de-commissioned. So, the number of jobs, currently in place, won't necessarily be the same number after you have finished your educational requirements to become a doctoral level psychologist (roughly 8-9 years from when you start your undergraduate program). My guess is that you are trying to 'hedge your bet,' following a career path that will ensure your employability when you have completed your education. Seen in that light, your question is a reasonable one, however, it isn't really answerable, as I noted in the first paragraph. What I would recommend is to be the best that you can be while in school, take every opportunity to work with psychology faculty members while an undergraduate, and get research experience as an undergraduate student too. I wish you the best!

Daniela’s Answer

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Hi Lydia, The prison service is the leading employer of criminal psychologists. One aspect of their role is to rehabilitate offenders through one-to-one and group therapy sessions. This can often be with offenders who have substance abuse problems or anger management issues who require sensitive treatment. Alternatively, if you take the assistant psychologist route into criminal psychology, you may be asked to assist in the treatment of people with severe mental orders. You could be asked to assess their psychological condition and determine the level of risk they present to themselves and the public. Source: https://www.seven-resourcing.com/criminal-justice/news/the-path-to-criminal-psychology-jobs-which-is-best/ Good luck!
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