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Nazareth Aug 23, 2019 829 views

How much education is needed to become an dietitian?

Whenever I have a appointment with my dietitian she informs me nutrition facts about different foods that i find so interesting for example meat,cheese, and egg don't have any carbs. #teaching #education #career

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Nazareth Aug 23, 2019 485 views

what does a dietitian do on a day-to-day basis?

I'm interested on what I'm going to do in Culinary Arts that I'm also going to do as a dietitian I'm looking forward to learning the different nutrition facts on meals/foods that chef will teach us. #culinary-arts #chef #cooking

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Nazareth Aug 23, 2019 546 views

what kind of careers options are there for people in Culinary Arts?

I'm open minded to try new things, therefore that being said I am curious on what type of discussions and activities are we going to learn in Culinary Arts. #culinary-arts #career