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what inspires you?

my mother inspires me everyday because she tells me that i have the potential to do anything. she never fails to understand me or support me. she is my role model and with her by my side, i CAN do anything.


My best friend Marie E.

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10 answers

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Shamecca’s Answer

Hello! I'm inspired by helping others. I know I've not come this far by myself and someone had to help me along the way. So I feel it is my duty to help others when I can. I'm simply inspired by the ability to give back and help others!

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Fatamata:

This is an awesome question. It’s great to hear that your mom inspires you. . . I’m going to give you a different perspective to think about and consider as I answer your question. I’d like to share my personal story.

I'm inspired by my mom whom is now deceased. I grew up in a single parent household with my mom, grandmother, and two sisters. My mom worked as a head bank teller; so the community knew her very well. She taught me (us) early at a young age how to save money by contributing to a Christmas club where you contribute a minimum of $5 per month. This was a very good discipline to practice, which has been a good staple in my life today. She inspired me to get an education, be a good person in life and support the family. While growing up, my sisters and I gave back to the community by helping out with church events, participated in Girls Scouts, and supported extended family members.

I’m inspired by the opportunity to “mentor” youths. Just the other day (1/16/20) I was in a grocery store selecting lemons. A young girl came up to me and asked “how do you know which lemon to pick”? I told her that based on what I look for is “I select the lemons that are the hardest. That’s because they are probably the freshest and the soft ones are the ones that are most likely old”. . . Before I could finish my answer she was saying the same thing that I was saying. The young girl told me “thank you for explaining that to me”. I told her “thank you for asking such a good question”. So inspiration comes in all forms - you can receive it, and you can give it. There’s no set in stone path to inspiration. Just know when to give it and to pass it on.

I know my answer is quite unique but, I wanted to provide you with a different perspective and way of thinking about inspiration.

I wish you best of luck.

~ Sheila

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Ash’s Answer

I'm inspired by the vision I have for my family's future. My mother broke quite a few cyclical pitfalls we became accustomed to from generation to generation. I did the same, and it excites me to know I'm setting up a better foundation for the next generation.

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Sam’s Answer

Wow, what great and deep (philosophical) question. I think I would have to agree with you...for me, both of my parents have inspired me. Both of my parents were born and raised for awhile (Dad early teens, Mom early adulthood) in Mainland China. My dad, attended grade school and college here and served in the military and worked as an engineer. My mom, came over mid to late 20's after marrying my father, and was a housewife until I was about 6-7 years old. She then began to work various jobs and cosmetology school. She created her own business and had a built a large client base. The provided a great life for themselves and provide me with the best basics to life. I like to believe that a little from each of them lives with in me today, which is inspirational for me.

As I have grown older through the years, I have found inspiration, but doing things that make me want to get up and move...from volunteer work, personal sports participation and spending time with friends. Stay open to new opportunities.

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Sangki’s Answer

You are so lucky to have a great mom. That is every parents' responsibility for their children but everyone cannot do it!
My answer is FAMILY as well but slightly different with your position.
I am a dad of a 10-year-old son and always trying to give him a good impact like your mom does every time, that's very important.
But you know what, I am inspired by him when I try to inspire him sincerely since he can change in positive way, watching his change should inspire me very much and try my best effort on inspire him again that's like a positive chain. Your mom may feel the same as I feel.

You can do anything as you said, also your mom can do anything for you. Don't forget, you and your mom reflect each other.

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Denise’s Answer

Fatamata, your mother clearly is an inspiration to you. Your question is thought provoking.

For me I find inspiration everywhere.

A beautiful, sunny day inspires me to get out of the house and do something outside.
A rainy day inspires me to stay inside and clean or organize something.

When my cat rolls her ball toward me, she inspires me to get out from behind the computer and play with her.

Learning of people or animals in need inspires me to volunteer.

Thinking of retiring from work someday inspires me to save money and stay healthy.

The relationship that I have with my family and friends inspires me to be kind, loyal, and true.

My faith in God inspires me to always do what is right.

Fatamata, your mom’s love and support will never end knowing that you will be able to tackle anything that you set your mind to. I wish you the best.

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Melisa’s Answer


Great question! Thank you for sharing that your mom inspires you.

Like Shamecca shared, I’m inspired by people helping each other and volunteering their time to improve our communities and world.

No matter what career interests you, I feel it is important to find time to volunteer, in any way you can, and help make a positive impact in our world. We can all make even the smallest changes in our lives, to help others and our environment. My parents taught me at a very young age, to help others so we grew up in a volunteering family.

Best wishes for success in your life, education and career goals!

#love #volunteer

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Consider finding a volunteer opportunity that inspires you. Volunteering can also help grow your network of connections.
Seek out a mentor or individual in a career that you are passionate about and learn more about their job.
Find additional ways to help social good on helpful sites like www.crowdrise.org or www.greatnonprofits.org.

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Tomiwa’s Answer

I am inspired by music and helping people. I am currently in College trying to obtain a business degree, but making music is something I am also very passionate about. Through my songs I am able to help others that are struggling with the same challenges I have gone through. It inspires me that people have reached out to me and tell me that my music helps them get through difficult times!

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Sharkita’s Answer

Hi Fatamata,

This is an awesome question! I understand what its like to have a phenomenal mother and I am very happy that you experience the same! I am most inspired by helping others, music and the ability to create.

Hope this helps

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Sergio’s Answer

I love reading all these responses!!

My parents and wife inspire me.

My parents are immigrants from Mexico and worked really hard for me to be able to focus on my studies. Thanks to all their hard work and commitment I am where I am at today. I moved out from low educated city into Silicon Valley and work at a well respected company.

My wife is also an immigrant and had to go through many barriers to get to where she is at today. She was able to be very involved in college and has a job where she is happy!