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What classes should I take in high school?

I want to be a veterinarian. What classes should I take in high school and/or college?

This is for a high school project. Thank you for your time. #high-school-classes

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3 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

That's great that you're thinking about a career in veterinary medicine. I would say be sure to take biology, chemistry and through trigonometry in high school. If you are able to take physics, too, that will be helpful along with AP Biology if that is available to you. If you are able to take any college credits while still in college, that's a great head start (perhaps at your community college as a dual-registration with high school or during the summer terms) and will help you with the rigor and expectations of college classes. Good luck!

Suzanne recommends the following next steps:

Speak to your guidance counselor about mapping out all the high school years' classes.
See if your local community college allows high school students to take classes there.

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Bryant’s Answer

1. Look at the school and reach out to a person at the school that may give more information since each school is different
2. Research professional organizations in a veterinarian as you can meet professionals as well as volunteer with them
3. For Higher Education look at community colleges first and then transfer to a university but also look at professional organizations in High School and Higher Education

Thank you for your time! This helps a lot. Elyse J.

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Anita’s Answer

Hello Elyse,

I am not a veterinarian but my sister was a vet tech for many years and received BS in Veterinary Science. Some of the courses she took included biology, chemistry, calculus, and physics. It would be good to know if there are any courses that you can take in high school that have transferable college credits. Taking college level courses in high school can be helpful because it reduces the number of course credits that you have to take while your in college and can reduce college expenses.

This is not a lot of information but I hope that you found it useful.

The best of success!