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Retired family physician and medical educator
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Traverse City, Michigan
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Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb May 12 189 views

How can I become a surgeon ?

Brain surgery

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Apr 28 214 views

How to get admission into medical school ?

What are the prerequisite to becoming a medic

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Apr 26 288 views

How difficult is medical school?

I want to become an anesthesiologist but I worried about the process.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Mar 03 946 views

How can I ensure a successful career path in academia or industry after completing a PhD specializing in quantum physics, considering my diverse interests in languages and creative pursuits as well?

As someone who completed a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's in materials chemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and worked as a product engineer for 7 years, I have a solid technical background. However, I have a persistent keen interest in physics, particularly...

Kadijah’s Avatar
Kadijah Mar 05 521 views

How can I create a good and right study schedule to get good grades and scholarship to my dream college for medical school ?

Hi, I'm a high school student; and I will be graduating next year. I always wanted to be a doctor and I still want to be ; now a surgeon. I want to follow my dreams, but I just can't find my passion. Please can you give me advices on how to know what I really have passion for, and to study...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Feb 29 299 views

Why are you once to be a doctor ?

That was my childhood dream

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Feb 21 707 views

Is it possible to become an oncologist and a radiologist and can you be both at the same time?

Is it possible to become an oncologist and a radiologist and can you be both at the same time?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 21 578 views

How scary is it being a doctor and knowing that you can't save everyone?

I'm just really curious because I want to be a pediatric oncologist.

daneielle’s Avatar
daneielle Nov 19, 2023 301 views

What type of entry job to apply to while looking for career path?

What type of jobs that are entry level should I apply for while I try to figure out my career path, that may provide me with useful skills? Interested in science, immuno, etc, no Med school. No patient care. Thanks!

Natalia’s Avatar
Natalia Nov 19, 2023 602 views

What do I have to go thru to be a doctor?

I don’t know how to do it and would like people to help me

Shambhvi’s Avatar
Shambhvi Jul 10, 2023 328 views

What are some things I should do in freshmen year to stand out to colleges?

I want to do med and I am currently a high school freshmen.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia May 28, 2023 1043 views

What are some of the pros and cons of being a family physician vs the pros and cons of being a specialist?

I am a female in 9th grade and I am considering pursuing a medical career. I love helping people and I love problem-solving. I am deeply analytical and I have always found medicine intriguing. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

C’s Avatar
C May 22, 2023 664 views

What classes should you take in high school to become an orthopedic surgeon?

I'm a Freshman, I want to save money, I do band, and I play two sports, I'm wanting to know what stem classes I should take to make colleges want to accept me into their school.

Arno’s Avatar
Arno May 18, 2023 316 views

What are the best things during my sophomore year in college to do to up my chances of getting into med school?

I am going into sophomore year as a biochemistry major. I still have a 4.0 GPA but I don't really know where or how to up my chance of getting into NYU medical school

Kadence’s Avatar
Kadence May 13, 2023 393 views

I need science based job ideas.

I am looking for a science-related job. I don't really care a lot about money and just want a pretty non-stressful job, any ideas for me?