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What is your career job that you are looking forward to applying at in one of the grocery stores?

I like to do the grocery shopping for the house and I will look forward to applying it one day.

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6 answers

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Nirvana’s Answer

Some people earn money by doing the grocery shopping for other people. There are companies like Instacart that pay people to grocery shop.

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Alex’s Answer

Hi there!

I think the answers above are great! The other thought that came to mind is creating meal plans/grocery lists for people who are following specific diets. Could be interesting to couple your passion with learning more about nutrition.

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Gregory’s Answer

As stated in the previous answer, shopping for others is now a growing field. This includes, but is not limited to shopping for groceries. You should follow up by researching opportunities online to see if there is a grocery store local to you that you could apply at or request a "shadowing" opportunity to watch someone working as a shopper.

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Max’s Answer


Like what others have said in the past comments, you could possibly work in retail, if that is something that you are interested in. However big grocery stores, such as Giant, Wegmans, etc. have a lot of different departments that you could work in. There is HR, working in produce, working in sales, working as a grocery store manager. I would list some of the things that you are good at, along with some of the things that you enjoy, and how that can applicable to working in a grocery store. Even if you are enrolled in a university, I would speak to an academic and career advisor, and express your interest in working at a grocery store, and why that specifically captivates you.

Hope that helps!


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Alexander’s Answer

Hi Doug,

Hope you doing well. There are a lot of opportinities around what people call "the shopping experience", which involves from entry to the establishment to exit. Everything is plan and put with the expectation that customers react a certain way (and buy stuff). This kind of jobs can be found in big companies that rent spaces in big stores (P&G, Nestle, Walmart, etc.) or in companies dedicated to marketing. The usual background is Marketing or Psycology. I know some of this jobs have switched to virtual marketing due to the pandemic. But after it, it is expected to grow as people want to go out of the house, travel, meet people.

Hope I was able to help.
Best Regards,

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Nicole’s Answer

It sounds like you may be interested in Retail companies as a career. For example, you could go into business, marketing, or many other fields, and apply those skills at companies such as Trader Joes, Meijer, CVS Health, BJs, Costco, Wegmans, Giant, Stop & Shop, etc.

I'd encourage you to look around at these job pages as an example of all the levels and types of careers you can find for these type of businesses: (See Career Areas)

Let me know any follow up questions you have!