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What are all the qualifications to become a computer engineer?

I want to become a computer engineer. Please tell me the way to achieve my goal. #computer-engineer

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3 answers

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Wael’s Answer

You are going to need to join the computer science group for your schooling. Afterwards, you need to join a computer engineering program for your higher education.

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Kalyani’s Answer

Now a days IT industry is having high demand. Also high paying industry.
In order to get into good Engineering college you can accomplish this in two ways.
1) After 10th you can choose diploma in IT or Computer Engineering. It is 3 year diploma course. After that you will get admission to second year of engineering based on your aggrigate in diploma. No speical exam needs to give.
2) Do your 12th first then give JEE exam and get into Engineering college. It needs a lot effort that everybody has to take while doing 11th and 12 th.Specifically 2 years of dedication. But the benifits is that you will definately get IIT Engineering college, that can't possible in 1st point.
And If you have already decided after 10 th you gonna be Computer Engineer then choosing a Diploma is good option but point is that your math will be not that much strong as compare to 12th students. But what you will get is in deepth knowledge of your domain and thats matter. Having crucial knowledge of your field. I am also a Software Engineer. I had choosen 1) option as my career path. And never regret it. One small step at a time.
All the best for future!

At the end choice is yours.

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Mathan Raj’s Answer

Qualification is simple on paper. Minimum 60% required to join any institutes after your PUC or 12th Standard.

Its not mandatory but it will be good if you are interested in learning coding languages like C,C++, Java, HTML, Javascript, Python, SQL etc and there will be around 5 mathematics papers in computer science and engineering!

- Good Luck!