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What are your responsibilities?

My first responsibilities is I’ve been doing is cleaning, delivering flyers and newspapers, stock food items at the marketplace. My second responsibilities is looking up career jobs that fits for me and them. My third responsibilities is talking to a supervisor or boss about my job I’m doing well at and what I am good at. My fourth responsibilities is focusing on work without being distracted. And my fifth responsibilities is I pay attention to what the supervisor or a boss say about the next tasks I’m going to work on.
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4 answers

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Chuck’s Answer

As a professional, my responsibilities are to try to advise my clients to help them achieve optimal success and growth within their businesses. While being a strategic advisor has limits (no one is obliged to follow advice), my personal moral, ethical and professional duty is to point out where deficiencies lay within the processes and strategies, and ensure that they are not brought to harm by a lack of focus on the big picture. I view it as my duty to ensure that clients grow successfully and think strategically and not tactically. The best tools (even if not my own) are the right answer for the client. The tools that can help them achieve their goals are what we focus upon, and ensuring that where we can build unique solutions with our software is where the client is truly innovating.

That means I have a lot to do really, though it mostly sounds nebulous. It means I build relationships and help clients see opportunities to innovate platforms that deliver real value to their bottom lines. We focus on the power of teams, and I can say that when we go beyond the day-to-day , those companies build and deliver much faster with happier, higher-performing teams.

As a human being, my responsibility is to my my fellow human beings. My work, my relationships and my family are opportunities for me to engage for the good of all. I want to make life better than I found it: happier, healthier and with less stress. If life teaches you anything, it will show you that things are always better when people are happy and have trust in each other. I choose to be happy and help others.

My wish for you is that you find the calling in life that makes you happy. My advice is to accept that life changes and that we all must be adaptable to survive. I've had five different careers in my life to date. Things will change, and we should be prepared to change as needed.

Chuck recommends the following next steps:

Responsibility is a two-way street. The best leaders are not micro managers, they help remove obstacles from your path to allow you to succeed.
You should not think of responsibility as a list, it should instead be called a 'duty of care'. Treating others as you wish to be treated will make work a joy.
Do not confuse responsibility with Job Duties. Job Duties are a minimal set of what you must do in a position. Responsibilities should be those things that you value in your character to live as you choose. You are responsible first and foremost to yourself. Your inner-self (or conscience) knows what is right and what is wrong. We have responsibilities to do what we know to be right.
Remember that no one can define your responsibility to the world other than you. That means that there are no limits on what you can do, if you are willing to learn.
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Pamela’s Answer

I am a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist meaning that I am a full cycle recruiter for a generic pharmaceutical company in Columbus, Ohio. I am responsible for the candidate experience as we interview and hire them into our organization. That includes, but is not limited to, sourcing for candidates, interviewing, salary negotiations, extending offers, relocation assistance, backgrounds, onboarding, immigration transfer assistance, etc. It is the type of career that you have to be comfortable with working at a fast pace and learning new things daily. You are really the first person a new applicant speaks to so you always have to make a good impression.
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Caryn’s Answer

As a Contracts Manager, my daily routine includes:
1. Receiving contracts requests from our Engineers out in the field (state level) for projects they need to get done with our external vendors.
2. Evaluating the request and entering the data into our project database.
3. Drafting and editing legal agreements.
4. Working with the vendors to finalize project plans and contracts documents.
5. Getting the agreements signed and the final documents uploaded into the project database.
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David’s Answer

At the director level in consulting, my main responsibilities are:
1) Project Delivery: Make sure the client is happy and is getting value from our work
2) Business Development: Generate continual revenue for my firm
3) Project Management: Develop methodology and project manage so the team is working effectively and efficiently
4) People Management: Make sure my team is happy with the work, developing skills, and advancing in their careers
5) Business Solution: Develop solutions and ideas on how to better serve the market