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Where is a good place to go find good career options.

I wort at a pizza place currently and make decent money; I play Xbox on my free time or am doing school. #jobs

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2 answers

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Atul’s Answer

Your high school counselor or your favorite teacher(s) shall guide you for good career choices.
Also, do your own research to find out what else you enjoy beyond playing video games. Simply pose questions on the Google search engine and you will have a wealth of information.
If a video game is your passion, you might enjoy a computer science degree to write software to develop games.
Also, robotics is another option that requires a computer engineering or electrical engineering degree.
Sometimes answers to the questions you may pose are right within you and someone has to enlighten that about what you may want to consider. Follow your instincts.

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Terence’s Answer

There are a lot of resources available for career search, particularly with schools and online. Sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or this one have communities or groups where you can ask questions to learn more. The number one thing I would say is that "you own your own career", and this is true for you, me, someone starting out a career, and even the most senior executives at a company. Others will have input, opinions, or may help you discover opportunities, but ultimately, we all are responsible for our careers.

I also recommend building a solid understanding of yourself - your skills, your interests, what you like to study/do. To me, this is constant work as you will continue to grow and evolve.

Playing video games generally means you're at least into figuring out challenges (problem solving), or building towards long term goals (leveling up), competition and team work (depending on the games). If these ring true to you, think about these traits more and where they can be applied. Jobs in the tech industry lend themselves to these skills and backgrounds, however you generally need to build knowledge through school or extracurricular studies. Talk to career counselors at your school, or someone you think has a job/career that you admire. Alternatively, seek out those professional spaces online, and ask those questions.