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What are the skills that employers seek in job applicants?

for my future #doctor #teaching

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Last updated Jul 03 '16 at 04:05 PM

Well you have tagged both doctor and teacher. For teacher I can tell you schools are going to want to see that you have classtoom management skills, know teaching techniques and engagement techniques, have lesson planning skills, good comupter skills, and know how to track and analyze your student data and progress.

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The kills in the candidates are depends on the field of the service. the candidates are required to have different skills for the different job environment.

if you are interested in teaching job than you must have the vast knowledge of the subject. You must have the UGC NET or PhD complete for the college or university professor posts.

The candidates must have the ability to face many students.

Similarly there are different skills are asked for different jon.

Last updated May 02 at 12:41 PM

Every employer has a specific set of skills it seeks from job-seekers. Some of those skills are job-specific while others are defined as soft skills. As a job-seeker, you’ll need to know the hard skills — the job-specific skills — you need for the job you seek. These skills typically come from your education and work experiences

Last updated Jul 08 '16 at 04:52 AM

In terms of skills, any technical computer or social media skills are worth noting. Or think of anything you may have planned or are involved in within community events, sport events, any hobby related activities, etc. to highlight organization skills. You can also include how well you communicate with others or any public speaking courses depending your job focus.

Last updated Jul 07 '16 at 03:37 PM
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