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Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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RAVI Jan 04, 2018 838 views

UGC NET Mock Test?

How can I download the #UGC NET Mock Test Paper? #exams #college-admissions

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jyothi May 12, 2016 1465 views

I want to became a teacher

i have completed 10th, so i want to became a Teacher, please help me #educator

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Amareshwaran Jun 27, 2016 1381 views

How and why did you choose this career?

for our life #teaching

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Praveen Jun 07, 2016 1105 views

Which college is best for me to attend if I want to become a teacher?

i like to become a teacher #college #teaching

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Abinaya Jun 24, 2016 749 views

What are some related careers that I should consider?

for my career #teaching

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Srimathi Jun 15, 2016 953 views

What should I do to become a scientist?

for my college studies #teaching

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karan Nov 01, 2017 996 views

How can i crack Indian Railway Exam without coaching?

#education #higher-education #career #government job #usability #studying-tips

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Rajalakshmi Jun 28, 2016 1094 views

What are the skills that employers seek in job applicants?

for my future #doctor #teaching

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Ruheena Jun 21, 2016 1241 views

What are the career choices as a teacher. What is the pay as far as India is concerned

Teaching ambiguity #teaching #teacher #teacher-training #bilingual-teacher

Bakkiyalakshmi’s Avatar
Bakkiyalakshmi Jun 15, 2016 1059 views

which is the best college for study teacher

for my life #teaching

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Chandru Jun 24, 2016 1172 views

Does what career provide the opportunity to balance time between work and family?

to balance time between work and family #doctor #teaching #computer #professional

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jignesh May 19, 2016 1453 views

How do I become a scientist?

I want know about scientist lab and what are they doing with chemicals? #teaching #technology #science #laboratory #higher-education

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Harshitha May 10, 2016 1030 views

How do i become a lecturer?

I have completed my tenth, and I am interested in becoming a lecturer. Please help!

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career #teacher #higher-education

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chandra May 02, 2016 1493 views

How do I become a teacher?

I am from J B Nagar bengaluru in India, and I am interested in becoming a teacher. #teaching #teacher #professional #teach #career #career-counseling

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Srigayathri May 05, 2016 1192 views

How can I become a professor?

My dream is to become a professor, and I would love to learn more about the career path I need to take. #education #higher-education #college #teaching