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What does the day to day experience of a social worker consist of?

Asked Ashburn, Virginia

The career of Social Work interests me, but the aspects on the job sometimes is concerning. I know that the schedule of a social worker isn't set, so I'd like to know exactly how a social workers schedule is like? #social-work

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It really depends what type of social work. If you are doing more case management in a social service position you can expect days to be slow. Expect a lot of paper work no matter what your position is. If you are working in a setting with kids, your days will be fast paced and constantly changing. You must be able to adapt to deal with crises in a professional and safe fashion. The same goes for the mental health field and working with adults with severe mental illness. If you want to be a therapist, expect back to back session that last about an hour at a time. It can be taxing. Make sure you are someone who has a good attention spans and can not only listen, but reference what people speak about. I can answer to question better with more detail about what concentration you are interested in. Social work is a very broad field.

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