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Leslie Apr 08, 2014 4212 views

Can social work be combined with psychology ?

I'm looking into social work but also into psychology but psychology is to broad and i want to narrow down my decisions. #psychology #social-work

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Leslie Apr 08, 2014 1215 views

whats the best part about having a career in the psychology field?

I want to be convinced. #psychology

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Leslie Apr 08, 2014 1166 views

What are working conditions like for psychologist?

I want a typical idea of a psychologist's day. #psychology

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Leslie Apr 08, 2014 11738 views

What's the difference between Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Clinical Psychology?

since psychology is sooooooooo broad i want to get to know the different parts so that my mind is set towards a certain path for when the time comes that i need to pick my major in college. #clinical-psychology #social-psychology #industrial-psychology

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Leslie Apr 08, 2014 1090 views

What psychology careers have a consistent schedule?

I don't ever want to have to put my job before my family or my family before my job. #family #schedule

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Leslie Apr 07, 2014 1573 views

What jobs fall into the psychology field that deal with adolescents?

I am interested in working with children mostly teens in the psychology field, but i do not know what i want to do specifically. #psychology #teenagers