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What jobs fall into the psychology field that deal with adolescents?

I am interested in working with children mostly teens in the psychology field, but i do not know what i want to do specifically. #psychology #teenagers

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2 answers

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Shannon’s Answer


really good website that give you some detail on specific careers. also Google fields in psychology. And ask professors who are in the field. If you know a school that you are interested in, you can email their psychology department head or faculty member and ask them a little bit more about what they do so you can get an better idea. Also looking it up on APA, the American Psychological Association website is also helpful. Psychology is broad, I received my B.A in General Psychology, now I wish I would have majored more specifically, like Social Psychology or Industrial Psychology.

Good Luck with everything!

Thanks! These websites are so helpful! I look forward to starting my psychology path. Leslie V.

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Jennifer’s Answer

I love working with teens too! They are my most favorite people on the planet. I have my masters degree in Counseling Psycholgy, I have used that degree to work in a private practice and in a school. There are lots of other environments that you could work at that would allow you to help teens though. The following is a list of SOME of the places you could work:
Private Practice
Rehab Centers
Behavioral Health Centers and Hospital Wards
Mental Health Centers
Wilderness Programs
Parent Mentoring Programs
Residential Treatment Centers
In-patient and out-patient treatment centers
State child welfare departments
Adolescent advocacy organizations
Adoption agencies
Run-away programs
etc, etc

I am also looking into counseling. I am doing a program at my school called peer counseling and i think i am looking forward to keep trying it out in college. Thank you so much! Leslie V.

You're welcome, best of luck to you. Jennifer Aleksic MS, LCPC, NCC, CTS

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