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Trying to explore careers in Engg and Medical

I enjoy both the engineering aspect (building things) and the medical aspect (bio / research/ blood / toxins etx)
I am in Grade 11 and need guidance on exploring college majors and career in this domain. I want someone to talk about these things. Please help. bio-chem experts scientist bio-chem scientist bio-chem

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1 answer

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Heidy’s Answer

Hi Mavan,

You should look into Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering. There have been many advances recently in that field. I had an interest in both when I was in high school. My AP Biology teacher told me that I did not have to choose one or the other, I could look into Biomedical Engineering. When I was going to college not many schools offered this engineering focus. However, now more an more colleges are offering majors in Biomedical engineering. The curriculum will include many engineering classes i.e. essentially most of the 1st and 2nd year engineering. The medical classes which include more advance biology classes will be incorporated later in years 3 and 4 when the students are diving deeper into their focus. Each school will have a different approach. A few schools that I researched included the University of Maryland Fischell Department of Bioengineering ( and Drexel University: School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems | Drexel BME. However, I would recommend doing a holistic review of the colleges and universities that specialize in engineering. I actually attended the University of Maryland and was able to participate as a volunteer in their biomedical engineering research lab. This was an interesting experience that exposed me to how Biomedical Engineering unfolds in the real world. They were testing gas masks used in the military and determining how to make the masks better to prevent cognitive impairments while using as the exchange of oxygen and CO2 had to be managed within the mask’s chamber. There was a lot of scientific tools in place to measure the cognitive baseline of an individual without the mask and with the mask. Biomedical Engineering could be a very rewarding profession, but you’ll want to make sure that the focus aligns with what interest you the most. For example, there is a great deal of work on technological advances in prosthetics which is a result of an intersection between engineering and medical knowledge. I would recommend that you find a STEM camp that offers a Biomedical or Bioengineering course to get a feel for how engineering and medicine could be merged. Good luck in your research.

Heidy recommends the following next steps:

Research Biomedical engineering
Visit Colleges with Engineering to understand if they offer Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering
Check out summer Camps that may offer Biomedical Engineering camps