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Philosophy Career Options

Asked Ashburn, Virginia

What are the careers you can get with a philosophy major? #philosophy #philosophy-practice

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Alyx’s Answer

Updated Germantown, Wisconsin

Hi Gregory,

A degree in philosophy does not lead directly into many jobs (unless you want to get a doctorate and teach at a college or university) however, there are some great skills you learn when studying philosophy that can go well with careers in government, the legal profession, human resources, advertising, marketing and journalism, etc. Philosophy programs teach people to think critically about ideas, a skill that many employers are looking for.

Philosophy asks questions so basic that most of the time we don't even think about them. How did we get here? Are we here for a purpose? What defines what is good and bad, true and false, ugly and beautiful?

Philosophy is particularly good preparation if you want to work with ideas. So you may want to study philosophy before going to law school or seminary. A four-year program leading to a bachelor's degree is the usual route.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. I will consider the multiple career choices in my search.