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how can i make money online.

Well am in 12 class ,and want to earn money so that i can help my family,and able to pay my further my tution fees help

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3 answers

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John M’s Answer

Some ideas for making money online:

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.
Start a YouTube Channel.
Become an Influencer.
Create an Online Course.
Publish an Ebook.
Start a Blog.
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Terry’s Answer

Hi Utkarsh

This is a very broad question. What is it you would like to do ? There are many opportunities available to make money online. BUT, please be careful whom you associate with. A lot of these opportunities are a scam. Do a search for Virtual Online work from home "near me". This will give you a starting point.

Thank you, Terry your advice is helpful.. Utkarsh B.

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Akos’s Answer

Here are some activities that can help you earn money online:

Starting your own website
Affiliate marketing
Surveys, searches and reviews
Virtual assistantship
Language translating
Online tutoring
Social media management, strategy