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What is the best way to study for the GRE test? What is the best book to use?

Asked Largo, Florida

I am soon to graduate with my Bachelor's in Criminology. I ask because I plan to go to grad school in FSU. I am having trouble finding consistent material for the GRE test. #graduate-school #gre

2 answers

Monica’s Answer

Updated Miami, Florida

HI Daniel, you can go to the site to get an idea about what material is included in the test, and GRE test prep material. there's even a download for you to practice for the test on your own computer. https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/?WT.ac=grehome_greprepare_b_150213 usually the local library or bookstore also has gre test prep books. the one from a bookstore that you buy will give you access to online practice test drills and help you with tips. taking the GRE starts with going to the GRE website and finding out what resources they have available there. you can probably sign up for the test date so you can plan how much time it will take you to prepare for the test, you can also download drills, and some software test preps... just like you did high school for the SAT. good luck! you are going to do great no matter what you choose to do. having the GRE will definitely give you an edge to get into a master's program. oh, keep an eye out for the GRE score that the college requires for you to get in. btw, sometimes, the score is not the only thing that matters, if you have an awesome letter of recommendation, or experience, that can make up for a low score. Best of luck!

Katie’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

I don't think there is one book that is better than the other, but practice as much as you can! It'll be similar to the SAT with having a set amount of time to complete the exam. Getting used to the way questions are answered on the GRE will help you feel prepared for the day of the exam. It's not fun, but you just have to do it to get to grad school. Start setting aside a set amount of time each week to do practice exams or sections of the exam. I took the GRE several years after I graduated college and was working full time, so I had to get back into the study mode. I would go to coffee shops or the library on the weekends and rewards myself w/a special coffee drink to get me motivated. There are courses to help you prepare, but they can be expensive. Get your hands on as many practice exams as you can and start practicing. Good luck! You can do it!

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