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What colleges are a good fit for Engineering Majors?

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2 answers

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Vern’s Answer

Depending on what you are looking for every accredited engineering college good fit.

Key things to look for

1) Does the school meet you expectation as a place to live for a minimum of 4 years? e.g. do you want to live near home , in a big city, or in a small town?

2) Are the engineering degrees available and well respected? e.g. assuming you want to be a civil/structural engineer is the university well known for structural engineering research?

3) Can you (your parents) afford the program?

4) If you ultimately want to get an advanced degree is that degree available?

5) Is the school focused on theory or practice? The best choice here will depend on your personality.

Note: Picking the best university is like selecting the best shoe. Size matters, cost matters, and intended use matters. The best fit for you is not likely to be the best fit for many people.

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Samuel’s Answer

I concur with everything Vern is suggesting. I also believe that a school with a good co-op employment program to go along with your education will help you identify where you want to direct your career and provide you with hands-on exprience so that your CV is already underway when you graduate with your Bachelors Degree. Make sure you get a program that is Calculus based so that you truly understand the principles of Civil and/or Structural Engineering, not just how to solve the problems.