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What is the first indicator of what you want to do in life

I am a current senior in high school and going into college but I am only doing so as insurance or a backup because I know you can still have opportunities even without a degree. #career

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5 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Thomas,

There is a lot that could be said on this subject and this can be a very personal or individualized topic. That said, I appreciate the way you posed the question. Too often we as a society define people by their job or title. A job does not and should not define who we are a a person. To answer your question I would direct you to consider where your passions and interests lie. These will be the starting point to how you spend your time and energies in life both in and outside of a career. A lucky few manage to make a career out of their passions, more work at a job because it interests them and they have the aptitude for it, and others work at a job they hate because they need the money or feel trapped. Whether you work at a job because it inspires you and you are passionate about it or simply do it to fund your passions and interests outside of work doesn't really matter as long as you feel fulfilment in life and are able to develop into the person you choose to be. Be careful not to allow circumstances to decide for you, the choice is yours.

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Khushi’s Answer

Hi Thomas!

This is a really good question and an important one too. It can be so tricky trying to decide which career you want to pursue (for what may be your whole life) at such a young age and I would say following your passions and interests are key to this.

I know in myself when I was applying to university I wanted something really hands on/practical, science based but also lots of interaction with people and so I started doing some research deciding upon medicine and dentistry. I did work shadowing for both and compared the two. I ended up going for the one where I had no doubts or confusion and could really see myself doing and enjoying which is dentistry.

I would say, try different careers out based on your interest and compare them. When you've got one choice where you're not confused, anxious or stressing about it and its something you're genuinely interested in and can see yourself doing - then that's the one.

Good luck :)


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Sudeep’s Answer

This is a really interesting question. Provided your radar is always on and alert, your first indicator may come and go without you knowing. In my humble opinion, the first indicator is yourself and your mental state of mind. If you are still confused, wrestling with issues, neither here or there with possibilities or do not have a steadfast attitude to your own goals, then chances are you need some time and more exposure. This is not a bad thing, it just means you need to be patient and aware that your intentions of what you want to do in life are different from others. Please do not compare yourself with others, that is not a good yardstick. Watch yourself and realize that the longer you procrastinate the harder it can be for you. All the best and continue to ask these kind of questions as it helps others too.

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Gregg’s Answer

For everyone it is different but I can give you a few examples from my family:
-I liked to argue points and play "devil's advocate" as a kid. I ended up in law school.
-My sister liked to comment on my mom's clothes from the time she was two and she ended up in fashion.
-My other sister always wanted to help people and volunteered a lot. She now works in medicine.
-My cousin and my uncle used to go hiking and take beautiful pictures when she was 8-10. She is now a professional photographer.

So for most us, it was pretty apparent early on but I also know a ton of other people who didn't figure it out until after college.

Hope that helps!

Good luck,


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Bhavna’s Answer

It's a generic and beautiful question. I believe situation and circumstances are the first indicators and gives you reliazation what you want to do in your life . As a real character is revealed only in tough times. So be a keen observer and watch your actions in those hard times. There you will get to know what and how to do.