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How can social problem be solved

I am student i read in class 8 iam weak in civic and occupation i thought that this website will help me so iam here . #student i dont work for the benefit i work hard to acheive goals compare to others As a #student i can change my future by hardwork

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2 answers

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Steward "Tony"’s Answer

So the only thing you get from working hard is tired, frustrated and discouraged. Working smarter will relieve much of the stress of studying and passing grades in civic and occupation ( if that is what you are speaking about?)

You must not compare yourself to other people for that in itself is hard work as well making you tired, frustrated and discouraged. So now there are two things making you tired, frustrated and discouraged.

Everyone works and they work for money, many save some money for a future goal, want or need. What do you really want out of your life? What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? Being successful is not a material object to have. It is the pursuit of a goal, an asperation, something not to be rushed into as it breeds arrogance and arrogance breeds mistakes, and mistakes can bring misfortune.

You work for the benefit, the benefit help you in achieving goals. Your future is changed by achieving goals.
Success is the following of goals, and a person who has nothing in hand but is working toward a goal is a successful person. Once they achieve success, they are no longer successful until they establish a new goal.

So be calm in mind, spirt and body, study in quite what it is you need to catch up on, and watch change happen because you have taken action without any interference from external thoughts and worries.

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Mohummed’s Answer

Dear Aryan,

Hope you are well. Your passion is admirable as well as your goal to solve social problems. I would say to have patience and a vision. One of the most important social problems that you can take part in, is protection of the environment. I would encourage you to get involved in this initiatiive.

You can start by getting aware about the impact of pollution, global warming and commercial fishing. You can also watch 'Seaspiracy' and other similar documentaries

The next step is raising awareness amongst your community and participating in campaigns such as beach clean ups, walks etc.

No effort is small.