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I need a job as chemistry teacher

My name is Amit Kumar and I have one year teaching experience teacher
I have done b.pharma and master of organic chemistry

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4 answers

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Seema’s Answer

If you are in India, you need to get your B.ED. to get a job as a teacher.

If you are in US, you will need to get your credentials to get a job as a teacher. Each state in US has its own requirement so you will have to check with their educational department about the requirements. I would use google to find that.

Some private schools/institutions can hire you as a teacher without credentials. They will have their own requirements though. Their salary and benefits are also way less than the public schools.

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Atul’s Answer

While you have the credentials to become a teacher since you have already had one year of experience, keep looking for an oppty at schools and universities.
At the same time explore the options of offering tuition in the subject that you feel very comfortable with (e.g. Organic Chemistry).
Do this via Facebook posting and create your own website to offer tuition.
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M’s Answer

Try looking into the private/prep schools if public education careers arent available. Good luck
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Mrine’s Answer

Hi, Amit
I saw your questions, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about that!! So to be a chemistry teacher you must have a four year teaching degree, and a bachelor's degree in chemistry. Hope that helps!