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How many courses is their in a real estate?


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2 answers

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Sue’s Answer

To work in real estate, one needs to have multiple skills such as communication, business knowledge, marketing, accounting/finance, psychology/human resources to compete with others in the field. Consider studying the following and other subjects may be appropriate as you get started. Do your research to find colleges that offer programs in real estate. Once you are done with college, you will need to obtain a real estate license. Check to see if that is part of the program you are in. Will you be able to take the test to be licensed when you are done or is that extra? Compare the costs of the different schools and any extra course work you may need to take.

Business administration
Digital marketing
Accounting and finance
Psychology/human resources
Computer science
Entrepreneur classes

Do research on the real estate market you plan to work in. What has the last 5-10 years looked like and what is projected for the next 5-10 years in terms of growth, i.e., people moving into the area, business expansion, families or businesses leaving the area.

What areas do you have an interest in:

Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Developer

Consider looking for a position in a real estate office after school and during the summer to see what it takes to work in this field. Start from the bottom up so you can see how everything is connected and what is required. Talk to those in the field. How did they get started? If given the choice, would they select the same career path? Real estate can be very rewarding career, but it will take considerable work on your part.

Good luck.
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Phil’s Answer

Hey there! There's a lot of great free resources online that you can easily get access to!
My wife and I are very interested in the real estate space and heavily use the community and podcast to get some ideas and research down for the real estate space.

You can also look into which offers vetted investment opportunities around the US.
There's definitely a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the real estate space. A youtuber I like when it comes to real estate (and finance in general) is MeetKevin.

Im summary:
- (forum, podcast, very large community)
- (investment opportunities)
- MeetKevin (29 yr old youtuber heavy in the LA real estate space)
- (have a rental already? this startup rents out our space for you) - I personally use these guys and like them so far.

Hope this helps!