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What does it take to invest in a clothing line business and how much money should I save to start it?

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1 answer

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Muhammad’s Answer

I would recommend watching shark-tank to get a feel for distinguishing good business opportunities vs. bad.

You have to weight a few things for any new business idea:
- Initial investment cost (capital): How much would I need to spend, to start making a profit.
- Scalability: Can the business be scaled, to increase profit? What resources do you need for scaling (ties to capital).
- Ingenuity: What is unique about your business. Why you?

The main goal of any business should be to make a profit. If you aren't making a profit, then it's just a hobby not a business.

The reason I bring this up, if you watch shark tank...most clothing brands get turned down , unless they are extremely unique and bring something innovative to the market. Just having a cool brand is not enough. The reason being, clothing business is extremely competitive. For it to scale, it requires a lot of capital for marketing. Also, it requires a lot of capital to mass-produce (make unit price low enough to make a profit)....which in-turn requires inventory (more capital).

My intention is not to discourage you. But I would suggest digging into the fundamentals of a business. Then further building upon your idea, come up with the details of how you will make it work . Specially address the question of .......why you? what is unique about your clothing /brand?

Hope this helps!