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In order to become a great baker and/or actor what strengths do you need?

Since 9th grade I've wanted to be a baker because of my grandpa. He really inspired me to want to own my own baker one day. Since 8th grade I've always wanted to be and Actress but not professionally, just for a hobby. baker acting

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hello, Robyn!

I love baking as well, but I like to be bake only for myself and my family, so I don't see this as a profession. However, I would answer your question by stating that you need to find out what will make you happier while working. You can start by baking for yourself, start selling it in the neighborhood and see how that feels. If you like the experience, then you can pursue the dream of starting your business.

To be a good baker, you will need commitment, hard work and to test all the recipes that you will sell. You need to ensure the quality of what you are doing, since your customers will buy that product and you want them to come back. So the idea to start doing by yourself, seeing what kind of breads you will be selling at the start might show you how the work will be and what it will require from you.

As you also asked about acting, if you see that as a hobby, go ahead and do some acting classes and see how it goes. Participate in some plays and see how it goes. To act, you will also need to learn all of the methodologies and dedicate time to learn the lines and to interpret that.