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Is there a way for me to use the various programs so I can have a feel for how exactly they work and how to use them?

I'am currently a Junior in high school and I attend Miami Carol City Senior High School.
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1 answer

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Matthew’s Answer

I'm not sure what types of software you're looking for, but a good practice in general is to look for clubs in your current school or community that may have the resources that you want. Plus, you'd then be surrounded by people with similar interests who could help you out.

If your school doesn't have the kind of club or community that you're looking for, set a meeting with your guidance counselor about potentially starting one. Your school may have funding available to give you the resources that you want. Plus, starting a club is an excellent leadership activity that any school or company would like to see in an applicant.

There are also free versions of lots of software available for you to use to get your feet under yourself, too. Poke around a bit.