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What made people decide on a career in nutrition?

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I want ask question about nutritionist.

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2 answers

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Garima’s Answer


If you are really passionate about the dietary stuffs available around you. You want to know what is right for you to stay healthy and what needs to be avoided. You want to create awareness among the people about the right eating habits. The field is for you. For me I love reading about the stuffs I eat , counting on the calories and other measures about the food items around me. But this is all I do as my passion. If you are interested in pursuing your career in it. You can go ahead and plan your steps.

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Yolancia’s Answer

I do not work in the nutrition field, so these are just my opinions.

Nutrition is a wide topic. Some people who work in nutrition might be excited about helping their patients with individual food plans or helping their patients achieve their goal weights. Additionally, someone with a nutrition career might have food allergies themselves and want to help others find healthy food options. Any simple Google search will prove that there are many different diets out there and many misconceptions about eating healthy, and nutritionists can help their patients navigate all this information.

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