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What skills do you need to become a web developer and how much experience do you need?

You can learn more about this topic from c2010-024 and c2010-024 course material. Tasmina Z.
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4 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

Web developers typically come in three flavors: front end, back end, and full stack (e.g. both front and back end).
Front end UI devs spend most of their time working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks like nodejs, Angular, React, Vue.
Back end devs spend most of their time working with server side languages and databases.
Server side languages could be JavaScript (nodejs), python, Java, or c#. Nodejs is commonly used because it is also used for front end and can easily transition to cloud native apps.
Databases could be traditional RDMS SQL systems (Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres) or No-SQL (mongo, Cassandra, Dynamo).
All devs should be familiar with Git SCM (GitHub) for code management/sharing and the Linux Cli to navigate projects and install tools.

Most jobs are for full stack developers and some entry Jr Dev positions can be obtained after attending bootcamp programs or college. It's recommend to work on a few projects and have a portfolio website to show your skills and the code behind it.

Aaron recommends the following next steps:

Check out college programs for software engineer
Check out coding bootcamp programs (e.g.
Check out
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Mabia’s Answer

Hi Kenneth,

I'd say that the most important skill you need to be a good web developer is the ability to learn new technologies. Web development is a very dynamic field and so you need to be constantly learning.
Of course, there is some common ground. javascript/typescript are always a requirement. But it normally comes associated with frameworks. And so procedures/code can still differ quite a bit.
If you can convey ability to learn during interviews, backing it up with a portfolio , internships, volunteering or whatever else you can, you would be surprised of how many opportunities you'd find even with little experience.

Mabia recommends the following next steps:

Think about a simple idea for a web project
Read about some frameworks and pick one to try (loads of free content online; you'll have to find some that work well for you)
Implement your idea
Repeat until you have a little portfolio and a good idea of if you like the field
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sivakumar’s Answer

Understanding of concept is more important than a year of experience you need to be a software developer :)
To become a Web Developer, You can start learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript from the Freecodecamp website. It is a Non-Profit organization learning forum.
Also, this course will give you hands-on experience with Industry-standard projects at the end of course completion.
This website also provides a decent amount of Youtube videos as well.
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Zeeshan’s Answer

The most basic and required skills for web developers are :

Once you are well versed with these, you don't need to write HTML and CSS to create your webpages,you have a framework like React, which can dynamically generate web pages for you.

Apart from this, have handy tools like VSCODE, Chrome developer tools and Postman.