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Where can i get permission to start my own business?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

I want to start my own business but need to know where to make my first move. #business #start

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Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Hi Desi, you can go to the library and get many books on business and on business start ups.You will find the business start up book there for your state. You will then find all the forms that you will need to get started. Or you can find them all online by going to your city and state small business startup site. You will need a federal ID number first for tax purposes. Important. Depending on your business, if its online or in a shop that is called brick and moter or from home you can have a corp. or LLC or esq. I suggest you start from home. You can use your own phone and some parts of some utilities for tax purposes and by then you will know exactly what and how to run a business properly. Start small then build up. If you want to start right away you can contact the small business admin. or S.C.O.R.E. in your city and state for help. They will help you for free with all the papers, documents, startup cost etc that you will need. This really depends on the business too. You must write a business proposal for purpose of funding and prove to the SBA or the Bank or Loan Company the revenue you can bring in or you will not get loans. You will need a book on how to write a business plan like Dana pointed out. The book will be used as a guidline on how to write a business plan. This also is important if you need funding. This is the most important for financing. A prototype, blueprints, or model of what you are going or planning on selling for exchange of services for money. This is a two way street. There are some really good start up business books that I have read the newest one is for California great read with much information. If you can make it in Ca. you can make it almost anywhere. The Ca book helps you to write a business plan too, , and talk about in home business vs brick and moter, vs LLC, Corp. and Esq or non profits, I hope I am spelling that correctly. Anyway, whatever state you are in makes a huge differ. Another great site is Legal Zoom. com they will find the paperwork for your state that you will need and do almost all the filing and work for you however make sure you use a check off list to cover all angles. Legal Zoom can help for very inexpensive fee. A website design site that I have used in the past was for a non profit called Wix.com for a nominal fee. for a business startup, that I have used that you can do yourself for $19.95 per month the site you can design yourself, and that you can also purchase a domain name too (you will need one) depending on the name of the domain depends on the price. For example if I had Hair.com that would cost way more then a site called " I will do hair ".com because, the name hair was first. it cost more, Just an example this is with any popular domain names. Like fed ex so on.I paid $24.00 for a domain for a whole year I had the site. The site I had was a non profit site and a non profit site for animal adoptions, I did not make a dime on this site. I did it for the good of animals. Such as Career Village a wonderful site. They have to purchase the domain name too. You can get a dot com or a dot org or a dot net and so on, I do understand we have new ones now to choose from too. So you can do it your self inexpesivly if you have the correct information you need, a great niche, a great service or product. Have fun, Good luck. I hope this was of some help to you. Yay I think that we need good business people like you.