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How can you find job using statistics - besides the word "Statistician" in the job title, what other job titles are typically used?

Asked Maryland, Maryland

I am loving my AP Statistics class. I had never considered a career in statistics before but now I am curious what types of jobs exist where I could use this math skill. When I do an internet search on "statistician" or statistics I get some results but it seems like there may be a lot more careers out there that may not have those words in the title. Help? #career #mathematics #statisticians

4 answers

Wolf’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

You might search for "actuary" which is the title of the person who handles the probabilities for an insurance company.

Steven’s Answer


Jordan, there is a professional association for statisticians (www.amstat.org)... a good place to start would be to look at the "Your Career" area of their website.

Another area to check out would be Actuarial Science, which is a specialty area of mathematics that applies statistical methods for evaluating risk and setting insurance rates appropriately. When you buy car insurance, the insurance company employed an actuary to determine how much to charge for your car insurance policy. (see www.actuary.org or www.soa.org)

And yet another area to consider is Quantitative Analysis. Quantitative Analysts - commonly referred to as "Quants" - seek to apply mathematics and statistical models to financial markets. You may have heard of computerized stock trading, which is a fancy way of describing computer programs that will automatically generate stock purchase and sell orders on the basis of how a particular mathematical model predicts the stock market will perform. The statistical model determining which stocks to sell and buy is generated by a Quantitative Analyst. (see http://sqa-us.org)

One of the challenges within every industry today is how to manage "Big Data". That's a term used to describe lots and lots of information. Each industry needs to understand its own Big Data... how to aggregate the right pieces of the data in a way that provides knowledge necessary to make wise decisions. In the area of politics, Big Data can be statistically analyzed to determine how to run a political campaign, where to spend advertising money, or where to schedule a political rally. In the area of fast food merchandising, Big Data can be statistically analyzed to determine where to open a new Burger King to maximize profitability. In the area of quality control for a large manufacture, like Ford Motors, Big Data can be statistically analyzed to determine which parts suppliers provide the most reliable parts that don't result in mechanical failures.

Your interest in statistics can lead you into almost any industry you can imagine. Check out the suggested web sites for ideas about relevant job titles.

Best of luck to you as you continue researching opportunities.

Lisa’s Answer

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in addition to "actuary" which is a great suggestion, I'd try variations of analyst like "data analyst", "marketing analyst", "product analyst" or "pricing analyst". You mention digital art in your profile too, so jobs in data visualization might be interesting for you too.

Joel’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas
Hi Jordan, Here is a website link to an organization called O*Net, which takes data from the US Census Bureau. This shows you jobs that are similar to Statistician. I also suggest taking a look at the jobs and the information on the website, as it's a great source! https://www.onetonline.org/find/quick?s=statistician Best of luck!