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which carrer is best for me

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3 answers

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Amar’s Answer

It really depends on your interest, your current education and your goal.
So start with Venn diagram mentioning all three areas , your goal ,interest and education
This will help you with your confusion

Amar recommends the following next steps:

Meet Carrier consular
Discuss with Parents
Discuss with teacher
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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi, do you have any hobbies or interest? You may start from there. You can then explore a number of careers that is related to your hobbies or interest. You can find out more information online to acquire deeper understanding on those careers and shortlist a few of them. You can also talk to someone who really works in the careers (if you know someone) or your career counsellor and your parents. They will definitely give you some useful advice.
Then, you may choose to take the relevant subjects of those careers in your high school. On the other hand, you may check the entry requirement of colleges on that particular subjects.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Surya’s Answer

Hey IL,

That's an open-ended question, career choice or decisions related to it will play a very important role in your transition from college/school to job/business. I would recommend you to make a list of all the interests/choices you have and discuss it with friends/teachers/parents. I would also recommend you to visit websites that offer Career-test (ex: ) which helps you understand more about your interests and throw the available options.