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I am struggling in my career since two years. Request career predictions

Currently, I am working for an e-learning company as a project manager. I am not at all comfortable and would like to move out. How will my career look like?
Name: Rajeev
DOB: 5/12/1977, 10.55 am
Place of birth: Terdal, Karnataka, India #career

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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

Think about why you are unhappy!!! Is the job not compatible with your personality traits? Are you unhappy with your compensation? You need to determine the answers to such questions first before you make your move!
I suggest you visit and take their assessment test! They have several options; tests for new college grads, mid-career changers, etc. Pick the option that’s best for you!!! Last time I checked the test was $69. When I taught business school classes, my students said it was very accurate!
Most went into careers suggested by their profile in sales, auditing, accounting, legal, finance,etc. For example, a student who loved Math was torn between law and business. Her profile suggested finance ! She went to work on Wall Street as a bond trader and earned $150,000 a year!!! Legal careers did not come up on her list!!!!
You answer 71 questions about your personality traits (I.e. quiet, outgoing, analytical), strengths and weaknesses, what factors motivate you(I.e. money, power, achievement, recognition, etc). When you finish press Submit! Your name dances across the screen and then you get a printout with careers you are ideally suited for!!! It works!!! Then visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook to see the long term outlook for careers that interest you! (Shows ten year outlook, salary ranges, geographical variances in pay, etc. )
Visit to see what employees say about a company before you interview or go to work there! Finally , and feature up-to-date salary information for most careers. Good luck!!!!

Valerie recommends the following next steps:

Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
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Wayne’s Answer

Hi Rajeev.

Sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable in your current position. Are you ready to make a career change? Making a career change is a big decision, so you shouldn't take it lightly. Here are some helpful tips if you are looking to change your career path.

The truth is that no professional should be unhappy in their career. If you find that you have consistently felt this way about your career for some time, it's time to think about a career change.

The Benefits of a Career Change. Finding the right career for you will allow you to find fulfillment and happiness. This benefits you in both your professional life and personal life. Such a significant portion of our lives is spent at work. If you don't truly enjoy that part of your life, those negative feelings can creep into your personal life as well.

1. Discover what fulfillment looks like to you. The first step to a successful career change is to discover what fulfillment looks like to you. This includes identifying your career values and your ideal work environment. Too many professionals skip over this step and end up in jobs that don't align with their values, causing dissatisfaction. One exercise that can help you uncover your values is to identify a peak experience in your life and journal about what made it special to you.

2. Determine whether you need a career shift or a career change. Determine if you really need such a drastic change. You may find that you only need a career shift instead of a full career switch. To help you, create a list of what you don't enjoy about your job and what the opposite of that would be. Could you perhaps find fulfillment in the same position but at a different organization? Would you feel happier in a different position at your current organization? Many mid-career professionals find that a career shift provides greater job satisfaction.

3. Research your target industry. If you decide that it's best for you to start a new career, researching the industry you are interested in is essential. One way to do so is by conducting informational interviews. They can provide you with some inside perspective about your new industry before making a career change. Is there someone in your network who works in the industry you are interested in? If not, could someone make an introduction for you? You can also reach out to your alumni association for assistance.

4. Ask the right questions during informational interviews. During the informational interview, ask them about the skills needed to succeed in the industry. What do the next 10 years in this industry look like? What would an industry professional recommend to someone who wants to get started in this particular career path? These kinds of questions can provide you with needed insight for your next steps.

5. Determine what education or certifications you need.
You may determine that you need some additional education to qualify for your new industry. Do you simply need some experience or do you need an additional certification or degree? You can look into online classes or going to a local college as your circumstances permit. Your alumni association may be offering bootcamps or special classes for alumni, so reach out to find out what your options are.

6. Commit to your desired career change. Decide how committed you are to making a career change. If you aren't 100% committed to a career change, it won't happen. To boost your commitment, set a schedule for your career change goals during the week. For example, schedule an hour or two each week in your calendar to spend on research, informational interviews and networking. Carve out time to take courses for any needed certifications or degrees. Set progressive goals for yourself and set deadlines if needed. You can also ask someone you trust to be your accountability partner to ensure you keep making progress with your career change.

Don't look back in six months and wonder where the time went. By implementing these steps you can make a successful career change!

Good luck!