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How do I get producers to work with me?

I love singing and currently studying music. I wanna get my first experience in the studio but I don't have the money for that. #music-industry

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2 answers

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Judeanne’s Answer

Hi Imani,

The music industry is all about relationships. Those relationships take time to find each other and time to build. One thing is certain, nothing attracts others like someone who just goes out and does their thing. Things are starting to open up again and people are eager to get out and enjoy themselves, including industry professionals. Most industry people meet musicians and other professionals in a live setting. Live music draws music people. Clubs are your best place to start but you may be a little young to get into clubs. There are other ways...
I'm a big fan of busking. It's the art of just taking up a street corner and performing. If you can play an instrument just find a busy corner and sing songs you love for a couple of hours. Come up with a schedule so people can figure out when you might be there. A hairdresser may tell a client, who works in music, that they saw you on a Wednesday during lunch and maybe they can find you there on a Wednesday too. If you don't play an instrument, that's fine. Grab a friend who does and practice some songs, then get out there and play for people.
You're in New York so, clubs are plentiful. Don't be afraid to knock on their door during daylight hours. When you see them getting deliveries, there's someone there you can talk to - the bartender, the manager, the booking agent, anyone who works there - may be able to help you get just a little further towards your quest. Just be prepared to sing for them and be prepared for them to give you feedback. Everyone has an opinion so take it in stride but know that everyone there is someone who may be the first step toward your future. Be nice to everyone but don't be naive.
You can also look into an internship with someone in the industry. There are managers, booking agents, promoters, photographers, recording studios, even art galleries. Any place where art is the focus can provide you with opportunities. Artistic people seek out art in all forms and know artists in all disciplines. Making photocopies and getting coffee at a gallery can certainly lead you to meeting musicians. Concentrate on learning from people and helping them. Don't just be in it to get to your target goal. There's a lot to learn and enjoy along the way.
If you want singing to be your life, make art your life now.

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Nicholas’s Answer

It's all about who you know. But more and more, those relationships are happening on social media. Record yourself singing, maybe over a beat or a friend playing an instrument. Post it everywhere and send it to every possible producer. Make sure the messages are personal—why is your music a good fit for them? Then do it again, and again. Network like crazy. Ask everyone you know if they know someone in the industry. Write hand written notes and leave them with the front desk at a studio. Millions of other people share your dream, very few will make it professionally.

If you aren't trying to be pro and just want to have fun, there are plenty of folks just like you out there online or who have studio access (maybe in someones basement or garage) who will be up for collaboration. Message people on Reddit, Soundcloud, Twitter etc.