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How hard do I have to work on my first project?

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2 answers

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Biruk’s Answer

Hi Sara,

The short answer is, work as hard as you possibly can for as long as you can and don't let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you think is right as a creative. I would encourage you to not focus so much on it being your first project either. Instead, think of it as; if this was the only project that someone saw that was my own, how much work would I want to put into it? Always remember that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. Wishing you nothing but the best on your journey!

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Mia’s Answer

As hard as you would work for succeeding projects. You need to set a standard of quality that will be recognized. It's a building block. You may not get other projects if you don't get this first one done correctly.

Thank you so much for your answer. I appreciate it and I will definitely push myself to work my hardest!! May G-d bless you and whatever you do. Sara G.