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Janet Jun 09, 2021 635 views

How do I know I'm picking the correct career path?

#career #career-paths

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Jun 09, 2021 390 views

How hard do I have to work on my first project?

#film-industry #portfolio-building

Tanner’s Avatar
Tanner May 13, 2016 1036 views

How do I find people who want to hire me to play music?

I am a saxophone player pursuing saxophone playing in college and wanting to make that my profession. It's very hard to find enough gigs to fill up one's time or get a desired income. How do I get the right people knowing who I am and what I can do for them. #music #networking #saxophone...

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Apr 03, 2018 807 views

Would you hire someone with no skills for what they would be doing?

what kind of skills do I need? #interviewing-skills

Magdiel Job Alarcon’s Avatar
Magdiel Job Alarcon Aug 09, 2018 700 views

What are the best places to look for jobs before and after graduation?

You've spent money, time, and determination to get that college degree. The job market is tough and many students have debt. Where do I look for the right job before and after getting that pricey paper? We're academic ready. But are we job ready? #jobs #graduation #networking #adulting...

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Aug 24, 2018 642 views

What are the best organizations to become involved with when persuing a nursing degree?

I want to start networking and become more knowledgeable about this career. #networking

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria May 28, 2016 929 views

What types of people should I begin to network with in order to spearhead my goal of teaching abroad and starting a non-profit mentoring program?

As an upcoming college freshman, how should I start the process of networking in order to reach my goals? #teaching #education #networking #mentoring #k-12-education #business-idea

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Oct 27, 2020 981 views

In Gerenal are most Finance Careers worth the pay in your opinion?

Im in 9th grade and I am interested in finance careers but they seem like alot of hard work crunching numbers. #career #worth #finance #pay

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Apr 03, 2018 850 views

What are 5 skills or 5 reasons that you would hire somone?


Nirmal’s Avatar
Nirmal Jun 08, 2021 597 views

I Know a bit about Finance, Accounts, Banking, etc. But I Don't know how it Practically Works in Business Organization .?

#Just to gain Knowledge and brain development
#finance #business #marketing #accounting #entrepreneur