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Would you hire someone with no skills for what they would be doing?

Asked Morrisville, New York

what kind of skills do I need? #interviewing-skills

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Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Many companies will look for the skill set that people have put on their resume, but often you will find that some companies are looking to train a person so that they are doing what that particular company needs. It just depends on what the openings are at the time you are looking and if any of the openings "say no experience needed" meaning you will either learn on the job or they will train you.

The thing is you may think that you don't have any skills or you don't have the right skill set, but often you have skills that are "TRANSFERABLE TO OTHER JOBS". Example: If you had worked at a bank as a teller you have many skills that will transfer to other jobs such: customer service; totaling money with possibly some bookkeeping involved; possibly loans and knowledge of Certificates of deposits; Computer experience in various programs and possibly management experience. These can transfer to many other types of jobs. So yes I would hire someone who has some kind of transferable skill set and

if I was looking to train someone I would look for someone who doesn't have a lot of skills, but has the interest and ability to be trained.

The interviewing process is often the tie breaker in getting any kind of job whether you are skilled or not. The companies are not just looking for anyone, but someone with interest, personality, and the will to work and learn. They will be likely to give you a question regarding their company and with a little research on the particular company you will be able to answer. The question could be "How do you think you would fit into our company structure?" Think about this question when you are interviewing and make sure you can u up with a good answer.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • Make sure your resume is updated as to any skills that you have experience with. There are many good resume books that can help with the set up. I would also refer "The 250 Job Interview questions" and work with a friend or a family member that you trust and will let you know what they think of your answers. That way you will be more comfortable in the interview!
  • A good resume book and The interview book that I suggested above will help you with this whole procedure of job hunting.

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Some companies actually prefer to hire non-skilled workers, so they can make sure they are trained to do the job the way they want it done! There are many entry level jobs that do not require skills, but, they often do not pay very well. I have encountered a few employers who pay reasonably well, but the jobs require heavy physical activity. When I search for jobs that will hire such workers, I use the search terms "no experience necessary" or "Will train." I get lots of hits.

Everyone has to start somewhere. A lot of people have things they can use to show they will potentially succeed at the job, even though they have no skills. For example, if you have worked a car wash or a food stand at a football game, you have customer service and money handling experience! These are "transferable skills," and you should definitely include them on your resume!