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What are 5 skills or 5 reasons that you would hire somone?

Asked Morrisville, New York

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

I read a book once called "Hire Smart, Manage Easy." It said that employers should hire for "Attitude" and train for "Skills." This is because skills can be taught, but it is difficult to change attitudes. Made a lot of sense. So, first would have to be Attitude!

Second, they want THIS job, not just ANY job. They know about my company, and can envision where they fit in. They have been to the website, and, taken the extra step to check out the competitors.

Third, People Skills. They can get along with the rest of the staff, and they understand the importance of customer service. They don't necessarily have to be great at it, going back to #1, as I can train them for it. But, they have to truly embrace the notion that exceptional customer service is important.

Fourth, they will be there. They have a means of getting to work, and a backup plan if that is not available. They will be on-time. When they are at work, they will be working. They are not addicted to their phones. They plan to stay for at least X number of years. (2? 5? depends on the job)

Fifth, respect and manners. They are appropriately dressed, make eye contact, wait until offered a chair before sitting, down, shake hands, push in their chair, do not have visible tattoos or piercings or weird colored hair (one is supposed to be conservative at an interview, and then, if hired, will learn what the acceptable parameters are), say "please" and "thank you," treat all staff with respect, and are honest!

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Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California

The first thing I would do is ask to see their resume to see if they had any of the skills that I was looking for. 2. If they were a good candidate I would ask for an interview with them.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • Steps for interview: Shake hands, dress appropriately, don't fiddle with your hair or tap or feet, answer questions appropriately and be truthful, if you can't answer the question just be truthful about it. If you do your research on the company you will be more at ease when you go to the interview.