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Cristopher M. Jan 10, 2018 796 views

Can I pursue more than 3 majors at the same time? Or should i just settle for a double major?

Is there a way to be able to major in multiple things (3 or more at the same time).? Or should I just settle for a double major in Law (earn a Juris Doctor Degree) and Computer science (Computer Software Engineering)? #attorney #computer-software #computer...


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Ashley R. Apr 02, 2018 357 views

What are the most effective study habits?

I have found effective ways to study for some classes, but not all of them so I wanted to what other people have...


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Ariel S. Apr 19, 2018 544 views

What is the best way to get focused and start studying?

I have such a hard time starting projects, homework, studying, etc. and it's so frustrating. Sometimes when I do start I can't get focused and I'm not sure why. Help. #school #homework...


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Grace R. Sep 04, 2018 253 views

what are lawyers payed

#lawyer Whats the difference between beginners and advanced...