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What is your career goal?

My career goal is to become a teacher because I like to educate the youth. Also when I’m a teacher I will want all my students to become something in life. teacher

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2 answers

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JESSICA’s Answer

My career goal is to learn and develop new leadership skills as much as possible. Just to be a good human and express my knowledge to others with coaching, providing feedback, and assisting with making processing better within my organization. I am making daily goals to read more, research opportunities and ask for extra projects to complete at work.
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Melody’s Answer

Greetings Saniaya,

I love your question. Many do not think that adults have goals and aspirations anymore. My goal is not about career, but life. I am a licensed teacher, but that is not where I started. I have a desire to keep learning myself and share that learning wherever possible. My hope is that you keep learning even while you teach. Teachers who continue to learn make more interesting and effective teachers. Also, please keep your "living" in your goals. Unfortunately, the demands of life can sometimes sideline or distract you from your needs as just a vibrant living force. Your students will learn better and more from you actually living your life and sharing that life.