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How do you know if you are cut out to be a nurse?

I really want to be a nurse but I dislike needles. I am wondering if I will learn to like them or if the career just isn't for me. I get light headed being around them and watching them go into others so I am just curious if I stand a chance in nursing school or not. #nursing #registered-nursing

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Nicole’s Answer

Well this may or may not be a problem. I will say that as a student you will be required to show that you are competent in administering medication through a needle to patients. I would always joke with my patients who ask me about needles that "it doesn't hurt me" and perhaps you could adopt that attitude or thought process when doing this. But in all sincerity, having an actual reaction such as becoming lightheaded when seeing needles can be a obstacle or concern as it relates t keeping you safe, but can be overcome. Read up on how to overcome fear of needles. See what the internet says. But also keep in mind that there is 1000000 more things for you to learn and do in nursing school besides administering injections- they will teach you an array of things that have nothing to do with needles- don't be afraid to at least see if it's for you. A lot of hospitals also have a "shadow a nurse" program. See if you can shadow a nurse (after you've read up on overcoming your fear). See exactly how much time is devoted to giving medication and how much is devoted to other things.