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what do people thing of careerVillage and explain how you feel about it.

I 14 and live in new york

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1 answer

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Lucie’s Answer

Hello Jarius,

I think CareerVillage is a fantastic platform if you know how to ask the right questions - without writing a novel and in just couple of sentences just paint the picture of the question and why you are asking it.

A good question could include:
- A little bit about yourself (what you like, don't like, etc. in reference to the question of course)
- Age or just more descriptive on whether you are talking about a senior year in high school or a senior year in college for example.
- Type of degree being studied (again depending on the question)
- What prompted you to ask the question (why?)
- etc.

If you are clear and precise in your question, you will bring clear and precise answers, that will be much more valuable because less generic and more targeted to your needs. As you can say: the more you give the more you get!

Hope this helps,